BACKTRACKING - Taking a trip down memory lane


January 18 1963

HEADLINERS - 10-year-old Carol Ann Canham, of Harrow Road, Hucknall dies in Derby Royal Infirmary after a tragic ACCIDENT. She suffered a head injury when she fell while sliding on ice on the pavement near her home on the last day of 1962.

As part of a sweeping reduction in working hours announced by ROLLS-ROYCE, 564 of the 715 hourly-paid employees at the company’s Hucknall flight development establishment are to go on short time.

A claim by Nottingham Co-operative Society for £40 from a Bulwell man for CLOTHING and household goods bought on credit is turned down at the County Court because his wife, now estranged, had signed the card in his name.

A 62-year-old Annesley Woodhouse man died in Mansfield General Hospital after an EMERGENCY OPERATION, an inquest hears.

Three Bulwell youths need hospital treatment when the car in which they are travelling COLLIDES with another in Nottingham city centre.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- a direct BUS LINK is planned by Nottingham City Transport for people of Clifton needing to travel to Bulwell for work reasons.

Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock criticises the appointment of LORD HAILSHAM to deal with unemployment, describing him as ‘that well-known bellringer and jack of all trades’.

In ‘The Lion’, showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall, William Holden plays a lawyer who travels to Kenya when his estranged wife asks him to help rear her 11-year-old daughter, whose playmate is a full-grown lion.

PEOPLE -- Bullwell’s grand old man of cricket, ARNOTT ASHLEY, and his wife celebrate their golden wedding. Arnott began his cricketing career with Hucknall Church and played for 51 seasons, taking more than 5,000 wickets.

COURT -- an 18-year-old Bulwell youth who stole two MOTORBIKES from Bestwood Colliery is sent to Borstal at Nottinghamshire Quarter Sessions.

SPORT -- Nottingham’s REG LEAFE describes the lighter side of his career as an international football referee when he gives a talk to Bulwell and Basford Rotary Club.


January 15 1988

HEADLINERS - Hucknall could have an outbreak of MENINGITIS and no-one would know, claims Coun Mike Heath, a Labour member of Ashfield District Council. He says this is because few doctors report infectious diseases to the council’s community physician.

Callous thieves steal an 82-year-old woman’s LIFE SAVINGS. After breaking into her home on Papplewick Lane, they tell her they are detectives investigating burglaries in the area.

Barry Noble Ltd wins a long battle for the go-ahead to open a new AMUSEMENT CENTRE at a prime shop in Bulwell town centre, despite a 450-name petition against the proposal.

Tom Robinson (57) has a ‘miraculous’ escape from serious injury after six tonnes of GIRDERS, each 20 feet long and a foot thick, fall across him at a Bulwell factory.

Bulwell Labour MP Graham Allen calls on Junior Health Minister EDWINA CURRIE to ‘put the government’s money where its mouth is’ by finding more cash for nursery places for young children.

Hucknall insurance consultant Robert Spray plans to go to the OMBUDSMAN in a row with Ashfield District Council over a new use for its depot on the town’s Watnall Road.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- a joint scheme by Ashfield District Council, Notts County Council and Keep Ashfield Tidy (KATS) is aimed at making Hucknall a LITTER-FREE ZONE.

Shops planned next to a convalescent home and day centre for elderly people in Bestwood Village could mean the DEATH of existing shops in the village, say parish councillors.

PEOPLE -- after seven years as traffic inspector for Trent Buses in Hucknall, BERNARD JEFFORD leaves the town to take up a new job.

Fourteen-year-old PHILIPPA WHITE, of Edgware Road, Bulwell arrives in New Zealand to represent the East Midlands at a Guide Jamboree.

COURT -- accused of wielding a Rambo-type KNIFE during a skirmish at a block of flats in Bulwell, a 23-year-old man is cleared at Nottingham Crown Court of possessing the weapon and malicious wounding.

SPORT -- champions Notts Police end Hucknall Town Football Club’s long UNBEATEN RUN in the Notts Alliance division one, beating them 2-1 at the Watnall Road ground.


January 17 2003

HEADLINERS - Pc Ged Walker DIES from head injuries he received while trying to stop a stolen taxi on St Albans Road, Bulwell. A 25-year-old man who was driving the cab is charged with murder.

A gala day is planned to celebrate the CENTENARY of the Dispatch, which was first published on April 30 1903.

The Dispatch acquires a leaked plan which shows that HUCKNALL POLICE STATION could close as part of a reorganisation scheme for the Ashfield division.

Coun Ken Creed (Lab), a senior member of Ashfield District Council, claims that people of the town ‘seem to have lost confidence in the police’.

Well-known Hucknall man Ken Humphreys, whose home has been burgled for the ‘umpteenth’ time, claims that the town is UNDER SIEGE from criminals.

At the same time, it is announced that Hucknall police station is to benefit from a £1 million IMPROVEMENT SCHEME in a bid to help officers cut crime.

Plans for a wide-ranging crackdown on anti-social use of FIREWORKS are welcomed by campaigners in Hucknall and Bulwell.

Bulwell Labour MP Graham Allen campaigns for an urgent inquiry into the killer designer drug, GHB, which is now said to be available on the Dispatch district streets.

A £200,000 scheme aimed at making Bulwell’s LOWER MAIN STREET safer for pedestrians and cyclists gets under way.

A fight to save Hucknall’s revitalised WILL SCARLET pub from the bulldozers of property developers is on the verge of defeat.

Hucknall Labour MP Paddy Tipping is selected to sit on a government committee that will consider a controversial Bill to ban FOXHUNTING with dogs.

l PEOPLE -- the Rev LINDA CHURCH, vicar at Newstead, Annesley and Newstead Abbey churches, is to take over as rector of Hucknall, it is announced.

l COURT -- a nurse from Bulwell who stole cash from a hospital patient was snared by DNA on a piece of CHEWING GUM, a Nottingham Crown Court jury is told.

l SPORT - ambitious Hucknall Town Football Club say they are willing to quit the Unibond League and move to the Nationwide Conference.