BACKTRACKING - Taking a trip down memory lane


February 1 1963

HEADLINERS -- a PARAFFIN HEATER which caused the deaths of young Bulwell sisters Georgina and Lesley Pike was in a ‘very poor state of repair’ and should not have been used, an inquest is told.

At another inquest, an open verdict is recorded on 26-year-old Shirley Fardell, of Ingram Road, Bulwell, whose body was recovered from the RIVER TRENT.

A man alleged to have SHOT and killed former Bulwell man Charles Edwards (64) in Arizona, USA goes on trial for murder.

Because she thought it was ‘the only way to settle the matter’, a 30-year-old Hucknall woman visited the home of a bus conductress who had allegedly been associating with her husband and ATTACKED her in the back yard, magistrates are told. The defendant is given a conditional discharge.

A new POLICE STATION for Bulwell, to be built on Church Lane, is planned by Nottingham City Council’s watch committee to replace the one on Commercial Road.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- a TRAIN to have taken Nottingham Forest football supporters from Hucknall Central Station to the city for a match with Wolverhampton Wanderers is withdrawn because it is required for other purposes, due to a fuel crisis.

The shoe and leather business of the FOSTER family on Commercial Road, Bulwell celebrates its 75th anniversary.

A COME-ROCK-TWIST event to the music of Chuck Crest and the Star Crysteels is held at the Dive Club on Portland Road, Hucknall.

One of Britain’s most charming and vivacious singers, ALMA COGAN, is set for sparking success in the Hit Parade, states the Dispatch Record Review.

The discovery of a German tank containing a fortune in jewels in the Sahara Desert is the theme of ‘The Treasure of Kalifa’, showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

SPORT -- after four postponements because of an unfit ground, the NOTTS JUNIOR CUP fourth-round tie between Hucknall Collieries Welfare and Boots Athletic at last looks set to go ahead.


January 29 1988

HEADLINERS -- young people congregating on Hucknall Market Place give police a helping hand as they form a HUMAN BARRIER to stop a stolen car being driven away.

Police warn that teenage boys in Bulwell are conning their way into old people’s houses by asking for a GLASS OF WATER and then stealing from them.

Evidence comes to light of LOAN SHARKS operating in Bulwell and offering cash at very high interest rates.

A Hucknal man is angry because he claims police suspected him of being inolved in hiding a MISSING GIRL.

Objectors to a plan for a £14 million RETAIL PARK in the Hucknall Lane area of Bulwell are told they have no right of appeal to the Department of the Environment.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- Ashfield District Council leader Coun Ken Creed (Lab) defends a controversial decision to allow Hucknall firm Stedfast Electrical Controls to occupy the council’s DEPOT on the town;s Watnall Road.

A piece of carved oak dating from the time of LORD BYRON is presented by Hucknall resident Kitty Calladine to the Byron Museum at Newstead Abbey. it bears the poet’s personal seal and has the inscription ‘Byron and Mary’ (Mary Chaworth was Byron’s boyhood sweetheart).

Julie Hole is pushed on a BED by fellow customers of Hucknall’s Page One Wine Bar all the way from Kirkby to raise money for a hospital children’s ward.

A new branch of the CONSERVATIVE PARTY is formed to cover an area which includes Bestwood Village.

PEOPLE -- 16-year-old ANGELA HIND, of Cantrell Road, Bulwell wins a place at a leading ballet school, despite being deaf in one ear.

SPORT -- the future of HUCKNALL CRICKET CLUB is hanging in the balance with the news that property developers Henry Boot Homes have taken charge of the Gatehouse ground, where the club play.epression, another court is told.

SPORT -- Hucknall Town Football Club manager Ted Mullane is punched in the face and KNOCKED OUT while playing for the Chequers Inn team in a Sunday morning match.


January 31 2003

HEADLINERS -- top secret talks are held that could lead to hundreds of new jobs at the plant of ROLLS-ROYCE on Watnall Road, Hucknall, which is the town’s biggest employer but faces an uncertain future.

A 33-year-old man denies the MURDER of Bulwell mother-of-three Terrisia Jacobs, who was shot near a Nottingham night club.

Thousands of police officers and members of the public pay their respects at the funeral of Pc GED WALKER, who was killed while trying to stop a stolen taxi on St Albans Road, Bulwell.

Smuggled CIGARETTES worth £1 million are seized by police after an undercover operation leading to Bulwell.

A case against a former Hucknall footballer accused of having the drug ECSTASY with intent to supply is dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service,

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- regeneration of Hucknall’s popular but neglected TITCHFIELD PARK moves a step closer after consultation of a masterplan for the site.

A new statue of a BULL on Bulwell Bogs recreation park comes in for criticism from Dispatch letter-writer Bill Young, who describes a £95,000 plan to upgrade the site as ‘a load of bull’.

Bookworms in Hucknall are delighted with the news that the town’s PUBLIC LIBRARY is to open its doors on Saturday afternoons.

Superhead Tom Megahy says the RIVER LEEN COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL in Bulwell is turning the corner after hugely disappointing GCSE results.

A Hucknall teenage girl who claims her trust in men has been shattered by suggesive TEXT MESSAGES from her boss is awarded nearly £3,000 compensation at an employment tribunal.

Plans to demolish SHEPHERD COURT old people’s flats complex in Hucknall will go ahead once residents still living there are rehoused, Ashfield District Council decides.

A state-of-the-art HOTEL planned for Annesley is given the go-ahead by Ashfield councillors.

COURT -- a Hucknall soldier involved in a violent street attack is spared prison by a judge so he can fight in IRAQ if required.

SPORT -- taekwondo queen DEBRA RAWSON, of Hucknall wins gold medals for Britain at the Goodwill Games in Mexico.