Backtracking: What made the Hucknall Dispatch news on 8th May 1964?

HEADLINERS -- the father of 21-year-old SANDRA JOYCE, of Bulwell, says she was in a happy mood on her way home from a dance before she was involved in a road accident.

By Denis Robinson
Tuesday, 6th May 2014, 10:51 am
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Sandra was conscious and seemed to be making good progress in hospital but she then DIED.

A pathologist tells an inquest she suffered SPINAL injuries and her death was due to thrombosis of the leg veins.

The polling booths open for 13 hours at an election in Bulwell’s ST ALBANS ward of Nottingham City Council, so there is no lack of opportunity for electors to vote.

The CANDIDATES are Arthur Wright (Labour), Stanley Thomas (Independent) and John Peck (Communist).

An acute shortage of women workers, including in the Dispatch district, leads to calls by Nottingham Employment Committee for the Government to provide more CHILDCARE facilities for working mums.

Hucknall’s Labour MP, William Whitlock, criticises a Government recommendation to raise the speed limit on the town’s WIGHAY ROAD from 30 to 40mph.

He says a claim by the Ministry of Transport that the suggested increase would command the respect of motorists as FALSE LOGIC.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE --- a letter-writer to the Dispatch says that with the country heading for a crisis through over-population, gratitude should be shown for childless women whose demands on the WELFARE STATE are few.

An advert is placed in the Dispatch for the spectacular annual AIR DISPLAY at Hucknall Airfield, organised by the Royal Air Forces Association for the Eastern Area.

The attractions will include a fly-past by V BOMBERS and a ‘crazy’ flying display by Baron de Serigny.

The Dispatch also advertises a bread and cheese lunch at Hucknall Church Hall as part of the KAMMAREDDY charity appeal.

In another advert, customers are asked to get their hair cut early at AL’S Gent’s hairdressing salon on Coventry Road, Bulwell.

This is because the business will be closed for the whole of WHIT WEEK.

Shamrocks Wondergirl, a 10-month-old PUPPY owned by Mrs Morton Smith, of Hucknall, wins five first prizes at the Pomeranian Club Champion Show in London.

Mrs W.Morrell gives a talk on the life of Lady Clementine Churchill, wife of Sir WINSTON CHURCHILL, at a meeting of Hucknall Colliery Welfare women’s section.

Fabrics made by JERSEY TEXTILES, of Occupation Road, Hucknall, win two gold medals. the International Trade Exhibition in San Francisco.

Hucknall hosiery workers support demands for a 40-HOUR working week instead of the present 42 and a half, without loss of earnings.

The issue will be raised at the Whitsun Conference of the National Union of Hosiery Workers in DUNOON, Scotland.

A variety of costumes include those of witches, Elizabethan ladies and Romans in togas are seen at a ‘Shakespearean Evening -- or Something’ held by HUCKNALL ROUND TABLE.

Hucknall and Bulwell holidaymakers heading for resorts on the south-east coast are urged to avoid crowded central London by using the new DARTFORD TUNNEL.

Paul Newman is a young novelist who walks into murderous danger when he goes to Sweden to receive a Nobel Prize award in ‘The Prize’, showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

Declining church attendances by YOUNG CHILDREN are a serious problem, writes the Rev Charles Younge, vicar of St John’s, Bulwell, in the parish magazine.

He asks: ‘What is the matter with people who are prepared to let children chase about the streets all day on SUNDAYS?”

NAMES -- the minister of Bulowell Baptist Church for 15 years until he left in September 1958 to take an appointment in London, the Rev J.MAETHLU WILLIAMS returns to conduct the Sunday School anniversary service.

At the age of only 33, Annesley Woodhoouse man ALWYN BOWSKILL dies in Mansfield General Hospital.

A miner at Kirkby Summit Colliery, he had been suffering from a SERIOUS ILLNESS.

COURT -- “Let this be a lesson to you and leave other people’s property alone,” magistrates’ chairman PERCY BRATLEY tells three Hucknall men when he fines them at Nottingham Shire Hall.

The trio all admit trying to steal money from a GAS METER after a lunchtime pub drinking session.

Their solicitor, Harry Clegg, tells the court: “When wine is in, wit is out.”

A company think so highly of a storekeeper who STOLE from them that they are keeping him on, a solicitor tells another court.

SPORT -- Bulwell’s Northern Swimming Club draw 6-6 with Portland in a thrilling WATER POLO match.

Two Bulwell boy footballers, goalkeeper Michael Harby and centre-half Colin Northridge, are selected to play for NOTTINGHAM BOYS in a Cobbin Cup second-ound match against Mansfield Boys.

For the second year running, Hucknall team BUTLERS HILL RANGERS win the Bulwell and District League Knockout Cup.

They beat Newstead Colliery 2-0 in a hard-fought FINAL at the Annesley Welfare ground.

Hucknall Colliery football team score their HUNDREDTH goal in the Bulwell and District League when they beat Bulwell West End 4-3 away in their final match.