Bad behaviour hotspots are top priorities

THREE different parts of Hucknall are currently hotspots for anti-social behaviour, it has emerged from police consultations with the public.

They are sites in and around Ruffs and Beauvale Estates and Broomhill Road on Welbeck Estate.

Patrolling the sites has been made a priority for the Hucknall police beat team.

In all three areas, residents have complained that young people act in an unruly manner at times between 6 pm and 11 pm. Claims have also been made of vehicle nuisance and damage.

But a retailer on Broomhill Road disputed the claim. He said youths did sometimes congregate outside the row of shops there but this was because they had ‘nowhere else to go’.

He added: “I have seen them play a game against a wall, throwing coins against one already placed there to see who can get the closest. Does that amount to anti-social behaviour?”

Another latest priority is a crackdown on alleged motorbike nuisance on fields off Hucknall bypass between Wood Lane and Annesley Road, and on the Annie Holgate Schools campus.

But Hucknall Reach Out residents’ group said there were hopes of catering for young cyclists with a suggestion for a multi-use games area (MUGA), possibly a BMX track, on the old training track at Holgate Comprehensive School.

The choice of police beat priorities follows regular police consultation with the public. Meetings take place every three months with representatives of the Hucknall Safer Neighbourhood Committees and the next one has been set for Monday October 8.

At these meetings, neighbourhood survey data is reviewed and crime patterns are discussed.

These are open meetings to the public to discuss their concerns. Anyone wishing to attend should e-mail for information and confirmation of times.

To ensure your views are considered, visit and complete the survey.

Paper based surveys can be obtained from your local police team by calling 101 or from the front desk at Hucknall police station on Watnall Road.