Baseball-bat attack mum tells of shock

A SHOCKED Hucknall mum has spoken of the terrifying moment she was attacked with a baseball bat outside a school in the town.

The 43-year-old, who has asked not to be named, was smashed over the head with the wooden weapon after a clash with another mum near Hucknall National Primary School.

The drama first came to light in a reader’s Letter published in the Dispatch from a woman who witnessed the violence.

Now the victim has come forward to offer her side of the story, which ended in her being taken to King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield for treatment to a bleeding head wound that needed to be glued together.

“I am still shocked this happened,” said the injured woman. “There were children around, and other parents and they saw the whole thing.

“This sort of violent attack is just completely unacceptable. I still can’t believe it and I still can’t understand how and why it happened.

“My own daughter saw it and was left very distressed.”

The mum revealed that the drama unfolded after she drove to drop her child off at the school on Montague Road on Thursday September 23 at 8.45 am.

Her attacker, who was apparently running late and in a rush, was standing in the road. Her daughter allegedly got out of the car and ran into the path of traffic.

The victim had to slam on her car’s brakes to avoid crashing into the child.

But it provoked a raging response from the other parent, who launched into a foul-mouthed tirade and accused the mum of almost running her child down.

“She said she would kill me after she had taken her daughter into school,” said the mum.

“I was a bit bemused and started chatting to a few other parents. I was still in my car when this woman came storming back out of the school.

“She went over to her car, got a bat out of the boot and came back towards my car.

“At first, I couldn’t see her but then she appeared at the driver’s door and was swinging the weapon.

“I told her to put the bat down. Apparently she also hit the car, which was scratched and dented.”

It is alleged that when the woman got out of the car, she hit the 43-year-old mum over the head. Eventually the victim was able to overpower her attacker and disarm her.

Bystanders called the police and the victim’s husband also arrived on the scene.

The woman was arrested and taken in for questioning. The bat, which had been thrown behind a wall, was seized as evidence.

An ambulance was called and the mum was checked by paramedics. She was taken to hospital by her husband.

Complaints have been made that the school caretaker, who was standing at the gates, failed to act and didn’t offer a witness statement.

“It was all just a bit iof a blur,” said the mum.

Hucknall’s police chief, Insp Nick Butler, declined to comment on the case because it is part of an ongoing investigation.

However it can be confirmed that the attacker has been quizzed by the police.

She has now been released on police bail until Thursday November 3, pending further inquiries.

Anyone who witnessed the attack or has any information is asked to call the police on 0300 39009999. Alternatively ring the free and confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.