Bassetlaw: MP John Mann slams police over injured Bassetlaw girl who was in gun incident

MP John Mann has slammed Notts Police and is calling for an investigation to find out how a seven-year-old Bassetlaw girl, was injured in a gun accident during a visit to the police head quarters.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 7th November 2014, 8:02 pm

He said: “ There are three main questions that need to be answered here: Why was there a loaded weapon in the first place, why was it fired infront of the children and why doesn’t the police have set procedures on firearms.”

“I can’t believe the police has done this, it is appalling.”

“The police need to be clear on what procedures are.”

“It is very rare in this country for the police to carry loaded firearms whilst off duty.”

“An awful lot of basic procedures have not been followed here and the police need to be clear on what these procedures are.”

“Weapons should not have ammunition in them when they are being stored and weapons should not be fired off in the vicinity of people, not least children, in any circumstance.

“There is the separate issue of bringing out a weapon and showing it to children.”

“It is extremely worrying - not just that the incident happened, but the fact there was a weapon with live ammunition in it lying around police headquarters.”

Mr Mann is due to meet with the girl’s family tonight.