Battlefield quest to start at Cuckney

A community is being invited to take part in the first fieldwork to discover whether buried skeletons will pinpoint Warsop as the site of an ancient battle.

The Battle of Hatfield Investigation Society (BOHIS) was recently awarded £15,600 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) support to explore and share the history of Cuckney Norton and Holbeck.

It is hoped the work will help may finally discover whether 200 buried skeletons at St Mary’s Church, Cuckney, will prove the Anglo Saxon battle of Hatfield took place near Warsop in 632 AD.

Community Fieldwork activities have been planned from Monday 2nd - Friday 6th November and Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th November.

Part of the project is fieldwork – which includes training for volunteers in non-invasive archaeological techniques including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) ,Magnetometry and topographic surveys.

The volunteers will then use these new skills to investigate the grounds of St Mary’s Church, Cuckney.

Chairman Paul Jameson said a lot of people had already identified an interest in taking part in Fieldwork but there should be scope for all others that wish to participate.

He added: “For safety and manageability we can only allow around 20 volunteer fieldworkers excluding school parties.

“To take an active part in each Fieldwork day and each volunteer is limited to a single day of active participation.

“Those who want to come along as a casual observer do not have to give us a Fieldwork date.”

To arrange a fieldwork date, contact; mobile: 07894 297206 or home: 01623 846336 (Monday to Friday after 5pm), blogsite:,