Beardall Street party to say farewell to past as they prepare for the future

Beardall Street Primary School held a street party in the playground to mark the last days at the school
Beardall Street Primary School held a street party in the playground to mark the last days at the school

Bunting, butties and balloons were brought to Beardall Street School as pupils, staff and parents enjoyed a party in the playground as one last farewell to the old site as they prepare for the new.

Tables were lined up outside and dressed for the party that involved the whole school community to commemorate the end of an era at Hucknall’s oldest school.

Youngsters all contributed to the day by bringing in party snacks and decorated flags and even wrote a song that they performed to parents during the special day held last week and despite a downpour, spirits remained high as the fun continued inside.

“It was a wonderful party and everything looked lovely,” said deputy head Suzanne Stoddart. “The children all poured out of their classes and sat down to enjoy the food but unfortunately it started to rain and we had to take the party inside.

“Parents came along to help and watch the children and heard them sing and look around the school one final time before we close next week.”

Staff will now be busy preparing to move to the new school and based at Papplewick Green under the new name of Beardall Fields which opens on Monday 8th September.

Here are the memories of Beardall Street School from former pupil and teacher, Enid Clay nee King.

“I first started as a pupil at Beardall Street Infant School at the age of five years old in 1932.

The head teacher was Mrs Whyatt and two other staff as I remember, Miss Nicholson and Miss Harrison.

One year I was brought home because I had the measles. When it was your birthday you went to the office and was given a small packet of Dolly Mixtures wrapped in tissue paper.

We had outdoor toilets that were always getting frozen. When I retired as deputy head in 1987, we still had no indoor toilets, previously the staff had to take the silver key to their toilet.

Thankfully over all the years it has been a warm, friendly school inspite of its setbacks.

It was a privilege to work there and still some of the staff meet up together.

I look forward to seeing the new Beardall Fields Primary and Nursery and hope it proves the same friendly atmosphere as previously.