BEAT SPEAK: Insp Nick Butler

Inspection Nick Butler.
Inspection Nick Butler.

IT might have been a bitterly cold start to the year but since the clocks rolled forward I’m feeling a little bit more optimistic that summer is on the way.

I must admit I’ve not needed to mow my lawn yet but I’m sure it won’t be long before the green-fingered among you will be out smartening up your gardens.

So where do you keep your lawn mower throughout the winter months?

Now the nights are a little lighter we’ve seen an increase in shed break-ins in Hucknall. We’d like to nip this in the bud as soon as possible.

In these incidents the items stolen range from tools, fishing tackle and cycles.  In one shed thieves made off with a chain saw and an angle grinder.

These are expensive items to replace and these kind of break-ins will also have an impact on your insurance.

So I’m urging you to do everything to prevent this crime in the first place. If you live in Hucknall East or Hucknall Central we can offer CREMARK property marking kits, free of charge. 

These kits allow for clearly visible security coding using your postcode and the house number or first two letters of your house name to make the item identifiable and traceable… and less easy for an opportunistic thief to sell on.

These have been made available thanks to special funding to combat this type of crime.

The kits should mark around 40 items of property, so when you have marked yours please pass the kit on to a neighbour. 

I’ve listed a few more shed safety tips here:

•           Keep your shed in good condition so it’s not easy to break into.

•           Consider investing in an alarm.

•           Fit a padlock to your shed and consider putting wire mesh across its windows.

•           Fit a motion-activated outside light to deter burglars who rely on the cover of darkness.

•           Plant prickly shrubs and plants near windows, drainpipes and fences.

•           Use gravel on driveways and paths to help alert you to anyone outside.

•           Lock any gates to your drive or back garden.

Despite this spate of shed breaks the good news is that the detection rate for crime in the area has improved.

In fact, criminals have less than a one in three chance of getting away without being caught.

Our goal is now to drive these figures down even further and continue our work making sure Hucknall and Ashfield South is one of the safest places to live.

Insp Nick Butler