Bestwood pit house is safety risk

YOUNG people could be putting their lives at risk by trespassing in a derelict Bestwood Village house, it was claimed at a meeting of the parish council.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 15th October 2013, 4:44 pm

“This could be a tragedy waiting to happen,” one member said at the meeting held last week.

The property being targeted is The Sycamores on Moor Road, which was once the home of the manager of Bestwood Colliery.

The Dispatch reported the problem in the summer but the parish council says the situation hasn’t improved.

Youngsters are still getting into the building even though it was made slightly more secure after the Fire Brigade were called to a blaze there.

The parish council are concerned because it is not regarded as a safe place for people to enter and parts of the roof are covered over in plastic.

They have repeatedly tried to contact the owner of The Sycamores, who lives in Jersey, but their efforts to achieve a solution to the problem have so far proved unsuccessful.

Members feel that action should be taken to refurbish the building, perhaps turning into high-quality flats.

They point out that the old house is part of Bestwood’s heritage and it would be gratifying if the property could play a future role in the community.

Meanwhile, the parish council have been supported by Gedling Borough Council in their bid to get a ball court provided in the area.

It is claimed this amenity by Wimpey Homes was part of a section 106 agreement when the firm were given the go-ahead for a building development in Bestwood.