Bestwood’s speed patrol

Mark Spencer MP, right, with members of the Bestwood Village volunteer team and Cllr Ben Bradley
Mark Spencer MP, right, with members of the Bestwood Village volunteer team and Cllr Ben Bradley

A community road safety group are taking proactive steps to encourage safe driving through Bestwood Village.

The team of volunteers are setting up equipment borrowed from the police to measure the speed of vehicles travelling along Moor Road at peak times.

The issue has been highlighted by a significant increase in the volume of traffic diverted through Bestwood by part of Station Road, Hucknall, for repairs to the railway bridge.

Group member Stephen Glover said: “There is particular concern about noise and vibration from heavy goods vehicles disturbing residents as early as 5.30am. Some drivers are travelling too fast over the traffic-calming humps on Moor Road.”

Mr Glover, who has coordinated speed gun training for volunteers, said their patrol was making a real difference.

He added: “Just in the time we’ve been here this morning we’ve seen a lot of vehicles doing over 35 miles an hour who see us with the hi-vis jackets on and slow right down.

“We’re here three days a week so hopefully people see us and then slow down in future because they expect us to be here.

“It’s quieter now during the school holidays but that can mean speeds are higher because it’s not congested, and the lorries going over the road humps at speed make a real racket.”

Notts County Council have put up signs urging drivers to reduce their speed to 20mph on the road, which has previously been a major accident black spot.

Although excessive speeds recorded by the equipment are passed on to the police, the group stress that their main aim is to get the message across to drivers in a positive way about the importance of road safety.

Sherwood Conservative MP Mark Spencer and Ashfield Tory councillor Ben Bradley, as well as Cllr John Wilmott, of Notts County Council and Hucknall First Community Forum, have visited Bestwood and praised the group’s initiative.

Earlier this year Mr Spencer secured funding to train and pay a new lollipop lady on Moor Road for 6-8 weeks until Station Road is complete.

Email for more about the job, which remains unfilled.