Beware latest phone scams

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HUCKNALL and Bulwell residents are being warned by Nottinghamshire police to be on their guard after a spate of phone scams.

The two latest scams being highlighted involve Ukash vouchers, which can be used like cash to buy goods on-line by partner websites.

In one case, a man received three separate phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Department of Justice in London asking the victim to buy Ukash vouchers and return his call with the serial numbers. He was told this would entitle him to £2,500 but he ended up losing £1,680 in the scam.

A pop-up message saying there was a virus on his computer, claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police, instructed another victim to buy a £100 Ukash voucher and enter the serial number to remove the virus.

Visit the ActionFraud website at to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud or Internet crime.