Beware telephone scam

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DISPATCH district residents are being warned of a phone scam that has resulted in thousands of pounds being stolen from elderly victims.

It has been reported that a man claiming to be a police officer is telling targets that criminals are looking to steal from their bank accounts and advising them to put their money in a ‘safe account’.

Both victims were told not to tell their banks why they were moving money as it would jeopardise covert police work.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire police said: “This is a despicable ploy to steal money from vulnerable and trusting people.

“You should never transfer money on the strength of a single phone call. Nor should you disclose any other details about bank accounts, such as PIN numbers or passwords.

“If you have already received such a call, please telephone the police and inform your bank immediately.”

Contact Nottinghamshire police on 101.