Beware the cyber bullies

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FAMILIES in Hucknall are being urged to guard against the threat of cyber bullying by following commonsense advice when using the Internet.

Notts County Council is offering tips for online safety after the plight of a Nottingham mum, Natalie Harvey, who was targeted after a picture of her as a child started circulating on the internet.

Lorna Naylor, the council’s anti-bullying co-ordinator, said that she had been working hard with parents and schools over the last two years to encourage them to be aware of the rules and regulations when it comes to online safety.

She said: “At present, children are giving out too much personal information, posting inappropriate material and comments and befriending people they do not know. This can put them at risk of bullying and contact from people who may cause them harm.

“I try and encourage parents not to be intimidated by the technology and to find out themselves how it works before allowing their children unlimited access.”

Internet users are urged to keep personal information private, including addresses, telephone numbers and passwords. They should never arrange to meet someone in the real world after meeting online, and they should always respect other surfers.