Bid to ban pooches from Hucknall parks is an ‘attack on responsible dog owners’

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At last month’s full council meeting held at Ashfield District Council, the Hucknall Conservatives and some Ashfield Independent councillors voted to consider “banning all dogs from council owned football and sports pitches”.

Hucknall Labour councillors believe this is a direct attack on all responsible dog owners – dog owners who clean up after their dogs on walks.

This will mean that, however responsible you are when walking your dog, your dog will be banned from being taken for a walk in certain places in Hucknall.

For example, this could include, but not limited to, Titchfield Park, Butlers Hill rec, Lime Tree Road rec, Papplewick Green and Nabbs Lane.

Our position has already been supported by the Butlers Hill Community Project Group which says:

‘We are responsible as a group to make our local area a safe and enjoyable place to live.

‘By banning the use of sports and recreational fields by all dog walkers is really not fair on us responsible dog owners who clear up after our pets.

‘We should all pull together on this potential ban and try a different approach first.’

If you believe this potential ban is unfair then please contact the council by email or call 01623 450000.

Alternatively contact your Hucknall Labour councillors.

It’s wholly unfair to tar everybody with the same brush and those who walk their dogs responsibly shouldn’t be punished, that’s why we’ll be working hard over the next few weeks and months to ensure this ridiculous proposal doesn’t go any further.

Councillor Keir Morrison (Labour)

Ashfield District Council

Hucknall South Ward