Bins too small for cats’ needs

Sarah White with one of her 10 rescue cats next to her new bin.
Sarah White with one of her 10 rescue cats next to her new bin.

A Kirkby cat lover has hit out at Ashfield District Council after finding her new smaller bin was not big enough to cope with the litter used by her ten rescue cats.

Sarah White, who cares for the abandoned moggies at her home on Beulah Road, was given a warning after her bin lid was left overflowing with the waste.

She claimed the authority has not helped her to find a practical solution.

Sarah said: “We have ten indoor rescue cats, all neutered apart from the youngest who is still too small, some of them with medical conditions.

“As they all live indoors we have several litter trays which we have to empty daily.

“This creates a lot of non-recyclable waste which we have no way of reducing - especially as one of our cats has diabetes and she is drinking more and using the trays more than normal.”

The council left a sign warning that her bin would not be emptied in future if it was left with the lid not closed.

Sarah added: “My partner suggested we are prepared to pay for either a larger bin or an extra bin. The man from the council just said no - he could offer no suggestions apart from compostable cat litter, which is expensive, not available locally and you have to separate the compostable parts. With ten cats and full time jobs this is just not viable.

“What upset us the most is when he suggested we ‘should have less cats’. Although without going so far as saying what should happen to some of our cats.

“Our cats are loved, happy and well cared for - we have even offered to provide proof of them all through their insurance documents.”

A spokesman for the authority said the council was speaking to Sarah to resolve the matter, adding: “The policies relating to the red-lidded bin scheme were agreed by the council on February 5 and do include ways in which households with large families and those with medical waste can be supported.

“While we do appreciate that Ms White’s circumstances are exceptional, we are confident the matter can be resolved.”