Black Friday in Hucknall

Picture by Chris Parry of Hucknall.
Picture by Chris Parry of Hucknall.

Dispatch readers had their day darkened when shoppers went wild on Black Friday.

The American gimmick for boosting sales with big bargains saw large queues form at Tesco in Hucknall the night before.

However, while those scenes were good-humoured, shopping fever seems to have engulfed other parts of the UK, with fights breaking out between bargain-hunting shoppers, stores forced to close, and retailers’ websites crashing as shoppers scrambled to grab discounted goods.

Police were called to at least 16 Tesco stores around the country after staff were overwhelmed by 500-strong crowds battling over discounted goods.

As usual, a wide array of opinion was sparked, with many readers, in the words of Dan Smith, ‘fed up of seeing and hearing about it!’

Greg Clements, who attended the Hucknall Tesco queues, said: “The staff was going down the line informing everybody there was hardly anything left 30 mins after opening the doors.”

Karen Btcc Brooks said: “I was there and the people around me were lovely. We had a good old laugh while in the queue. All were very well behaved and got a couple of alright bargains.”

Kerry Dawson said: “As a retailer I love it. Working today though so I won’t be out there getting any bargains for myself. I’ll wait for ‘cyber monday’.”

Some readers took a dim view of proceedings.

Alan Best said: “All these people will be screaming they have no money and need a rise. Is there any wonder the goverment don’t believe they do!”

Kim Davies No the evidence for that is the fact people have had a pay freeze for a few years now at the same time the cost of living has risen. The interests wouldn’t be at all time low if people were able to keep up with the cost of living.”

Ash Carlin said: “Judging by what’s happened across the country, it’s a very bad idea, it seems to bring out the idiots in flocks. Fighting bringing down shelves and police called in. Consumerism gone mad. I wonder how much of it gets resold on ebay or similar places.

Mandy Stirland-Colton asked: “Why do we have to follow America ?”

Lee Scoops Roberts said: “Greed and materialism increasingly rule our lives, and there is no need for it.

“Referring to a previous post, I have no doubt that at least half the items sold were bought by people hoping to resell on ebay to make a “quick buck”, as Americans would have it.”

Retail experts warned that shoppers would be the only winners on Black Friday, with retailers ultimately set to lose out as a result of reduced profit margins.