Bollards to stop rogue drivers

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AUTOMATED bollards have been installed in Bulwell to protect shoppers from motorists who flout the rules and drive on to the town-centre’s pedestrianised zone.

Locals complained to Nottingham City Council about vehicles being driven dangerously and poorly parked in an area off-limits to most motorists.

Now the council has responded, after public consultation, by installing bollards on Pilkington Street and Main Street at its junction with Montague Street.

Ros Yousouf, of Rufford Tenants and Residents Association, which initially approached Bulwell councillors about the problem, said: “To say we are pleased would be a huge understatement.

“Using Bulwell Market will now be a much safer experience.”

Only emergency vehicles, those with special permits and Royal Mail vehicles are allowed on to the pedestrianised zone and Bulwell Market between 10 am and 4 pm.

A survey revealed that other vehicles were ignoring the rules. It also found that 67% of those who responded had concerns about road safety in the town centre and had been involved in a near accident.

The automated bollards will physically stop unauthorised vehicles entering the pedestrian area between 10 am and 4 pm. Only those who should access the area will be able to get through.

Disabled Blue Badge holders and delivery vehicles will still have access between 4 pm and 10 am.

Local area funding has been used to provide the bollards.

Coun Jane Urquhart (Lab), lead member for planning and transportation at the city council, said: “Keeping people safe is of paramount importance. The council have an enviable record when it comes to reducing road accidents and a national reputation for road safety and transport excellence.

“The bollards will make sure that access still remains to Bulwell Market for those who need to be in the area but deter those that shouldn’t be entering. We’ve used automated bollards in other areas of the city and we know they work successfully.”