Bolsover District Council commended by RSPCA


Bolsover District Council has been recognised by the RSPCA for providing a good quality stray dog service after they were awarded the charities ‘Stray Dogs Bronze Footprint’.

This is the fourth successive year the Council has received the award and were praised by the RSPCA for the way the Dog Warden dealt with and cared for stray dogs, provided good quality out of hours kennels/animal sanctuaries and the quality of information and advice given out to the public by the Dog Warden.

Bolsover District Council, cabinet member for the environment, Coun Dennis Kelly said, “We pride ourselves on providing a good quality animal care and stray dog service and to receive this award for a fourth year is testament to that.

“Our Dog Warden has a huge amount of knowledge, is very pro-active in the local community and has a great rapport with local residents, always putting the animals’ welfare first.

“The award shows we are a caring authority and we do everything we can to help stray dogs and care for the animals we come into contact with, something which we will continue to improve upon wherever possible.”

In November 2010, the RSPCA introduced the Community Animal Welfare Footprints (CAWF) 2010 and the Stray Dogs Footprint covers policies that ensure stray dog welfare during the collection and kennelling processes, proactive work to educate owners, and preventative measures to reduce both straying and long-term strays.

As Bolsover District Council’s stray dog service is now run jointly with North East Derbyshire District Council, plans are being put into place to replicate this best practice with a view to achieving the award across both council areas next year.

The Council also runs a dog re-homing register to help people find their perfect pet when one becomes available. If anyone can offer a stray dog a good loving and caring home, please fill in the form at or telephone 01246 242424.