Bolsover District Council given thumbs up by auditors

Bolsover District Council’s has received an improved audit report for 2012/13 from external auditors KPMG.

The audit report gave the Council an unqualified report in respect of both value for money and the financial statements.

A range of improvements in the Council’s arrangements were identified including the management of contracts, budgetary control, options appraisal and the quality of information.

In presenting the report to the Council at its meeting held on 27 November 2013, the Director of KPMG LLP (UK) acknowledged that the Council had secured these improvements against the background of significant reductions in its level of financial resources. 

Bolsover District Council leader, Coun Eion Watts said, “We are obviously delighted with this audit report. Especially after the criticism we have faced over last two years.

“But we faced up to the problems we had, took the constructive criticisms on board and addressed them in a planned and robust manner – which is evident in this report and through the comments of KPMGs Director.”

The report went on to highlight that the authority has taken the steps necessary to balance its 2013/14 budget but further work will be necessary in order to secure further savings of some £1.6m over the next two financial years.

 Coun Watts added, “We said it would take two years to get to this point and it has. A lot of work has been done to get us to this point and that is down to the dedication and hard work of all the staff involved and the decisions elected members have had to take.

“However, we will not rest on this report as we are always looking to improve and have plans in place to make sure we improve year on year.”

The report highlighted two recommendations (down from 17 the previous year) where further work is needed. These are to improve the timeliness and operation of existing management review procedures over the draft accounts and address remaining control weaknesses around the governance and management of contracts.