Bomb-disposal team called in after hand-grenade scare

Bomb disposal Hucknall Lane
Bomb disposal Hucknall Lane

NEIGHBOURS in Bulwell were alarmed to see a bomb-disposal van parked outside a house on a residential street.

The van, accompanied by a police car, was spotted on Hucknall Lane on Thursday morning last week.

It transpires that a hand-grenade was discovered at the home and needed to be taken away.

A police spokeswoman told the Dispatch: “We received a call at about 9.40 am regarding reports of a small explosive device at an address on Hucknall Lane in Bulwell.

“A team from the Army’s explosive ordnance disposal unit attended the scene at about 11 am.

“They found that the grenade was real but its mechanisms had been removed.

“The unit concluded that it did not pose a threat.”

One alarmed neighbour said: “We couldn’t believe our eyes. It’s not the kind of thing you see every day of the week!”

OUR PHOTO shows the bomb-disposal van and police car outside the home on Hucknall Lane, Bulwell — DISPIC NHUD12-0018-1.