Bone of contention as row breaks out over dog haircut

CUT SHORT -- Bobby the dog after his 'trim'
CUT SHORT -- Bobby the dog after his 'trim'

A FURIOUS Hucknall woman has a bone to pick with a business in the town — over a haircut for a dog!

Amy Short (23) says she booked her prized Chinese-crested puffball, named Bobby, in for a trim at Ann’s Dog Parlour on Watnall Road because his thick fur had become knotted.

Bobby the dog before

Bobby the dog before

But she says she was left devastated when she was confronted by the pooch after the cut.

For virtually all his fur had been shaved off and she claims this was against her wishes.

“My aunt took him to and collected him from the parlour,” said Amy. “When she phoned me to tell me what had happened I was devastated. I had to come home from work to check on my baby. I could have cried.”

Amy, who is a hairdresser in Mansfield, claims the parlour went “over the top”. She has since complained.

But now a row has broken out because Ann Taylor, who owns the salon and has worked with dogs for more than 35 years, has vehemently denied the allegations.

Speaking to the Dispatch this week, Ann said her firm had no choice but to cut Bobby’s fur right back.

“It was absolutely disgusting,” she said. “The fur was extremely matted. It is one of the worst cases I have ever seen.

“One of my girls wanted to call the RSPCA. I only ever do what’s necessary. I would have preferred to leave the dog’s coat long and fluffy. But we had no choice.

“Had one of the girls who works for me not been a veterinary nurse, we couldn’t have done anything. The dog had such a nice temperament.”

Animal-lover Amy, who also has a pet boxer dog named Elvis and a tortoise, hit back. She explained that the only reason Bobby’s fur had become so tangled is because of buds from a tree in the garden.

She says she and her partner brush Bobby daily and he has been for two trims at another dog parlour in the past without problem.

“This experience left Bobby completely shaken,” added Amy. “He has been traumatised and Elvis didn’t even recognise him.”

OUR PHOTOS show Bobby before and after the cut