Book a Nottinghamshire police officer to report your crime

NEED to report a crime? You will soon be able to book a time to see an officer at your convenience.

The appointment system, which is currently used in the city, is being rolled out across Nottinghamshire over the next three months.

It means that instead of waiting at home for police to attend, you could be invited to your local police station at a convenient time to talk to an officer.

Inspector Tracey Lovegrove said: “This means we can see people more quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to wait at home for us and our response officers can stay out on the streets ready to attend urgent incidents.”

The appointment system, which has been used with great success in the city for over a year, will not be offered for every crime.

Insp Lovegrove added: “If we need to collect evidence or if it makes more sense for us to attend your home address then we will.”

This scheme could also help to speed up the time it takes to see an officer to speak about an incident, when it could previously have taken up to 48 hours.