Book digs into rich seam of Hucknall’s mining history

NHUD11-3337-1''Martin Weiss pictured with his new book at Hucknall Library on Friday
NHUD11-3337-1''Martin Weiss pictured with his new book at Hucknall Library on Friday

A NEW book digging deep into the rich seam of the Dispatch district’s mining history is now available after it was unveiled at Hucknall Library.

‘Coal Mines Remembered 2’ is Annesley Woodhouse mining expert Martin Weiss’s second book on the subject of colliery life. It features scores of photos from local pits and plenty of first-hand accounts of work underground.

The sequel to ‘Coal Mines Remembered’ devotes sections to collieries at Hucknall, Linby, Newstead and Annesley, which were once the lifeblood of the Dispatch district economy.

Martin (62), who previously worked for the National Coal Board (later British Coal), researched the new book for two years and gathered tales from local pitmen to complement a series of eyecatching photographs.

One page features the final coal train to leave Linby sidings in 1988 before the pit’s closure.

At the Market Place library launch, Martin was on hand to sign copies of the book and chat about local pits.

He said: “We were world leaders in mining technology in this area during the 1960s and 1970s. At one time, visitors would fly in from all over the world to see how things were done.

“The book is mainly about local pits, but there are tales from further afield too.”

Martin would like anyone interested in contributing to a third book in the series to contact him on 01623 754844. “I am keen to record as much as possible about local coal mining,” he said. “If any readers have fresh tales to pass on, I’d be delighted to listen.”

OUR PHOTO shows Martin with his book at the Hucknall Library launch — DISPIC NHUD11-3337-2.