Boozed-up driver rammed car into gate to show off

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A DRUNKEN man was caught on camera showing off to a crowd in Bulwell by driving a car without tyres and repeatedly ramming it into metal gates.

Sparks were seen flying from the wheel rims as Conrad Brailsford (22) drove the Ford Ka along Hoefield Crescent in the early hours.

He had the driver’s door open and after deliberately crashing four times into the six-foot tall gates jumped out and saluted the on-lookers.

The police were called by numerous residents, Nottingham Crown Court was told, and he was arrested trying to get away.

Brailsford, of Commercial Road, Bulwell, was jailed for 14 months.

He admitted dangerous driving, driving with excess alcohol and without insurance or a licence. He was two-and-a-half times the legal alcohol limit.

The vehicle had been stolen by someone else earlier that night, September 8, in Hucknall.

It was the owner’s first car and she had spent about £2,500. The car was a write-off, said Robbie Singh (prosecuting).

During the erratic driving a spectator jumped over the vehicle as it passed by. CCTV footage, recorded at 4.50 am, was shown in court.

Brailsford had convictions for dishonesty, public order and violence, the court was told.

His barrister, Laura Pitman, said there was a gap of over two years in Brailsford’s offending after he met his partner. They had two children together.

Alcohol was at the root of his behaviour and if jailed it would be his partner who would be left looking after the children.

Judge Philip Head told him he had 12 previous convictions, including breach of an asbo. His last offence was only a month earlier.

He knew that a group of friends gathered there were trouble.

“You behaved in a way that was intended to attract the admiration and approval of those friends,” the judge told him.

“This was a very serious example of dangerous driving, sustained and deliberate.”

The judge banned him from driving for three years.