Boozy mum banned for refusing breath test in Worksop

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A boozy mum-of-three who swore at a cop and refused a breath test in Worksop has been banned by a court.

Lisa Carr was spotted leaning against a wall and drinking from “a jar of alcohol”, next to a grey Citroen, on Blyth Road, at 5.50pm, on March 6, by a police officer.

“When he asked her what she was doing she became abusive,” said Ruth Snodin, prosecuting.

“He believed she had been driving while drunk and asked her for a breath sample.

“She said: “If you want that blowing you can blow it your f****** self.”

“She was arrested and taken to Mansfield Police Station where she again refused a test point blank.”

Carr, 43, of Shireoaks Common, Shireoaks, admitted failing to provide a specimen for analysis, when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

She told the court she had “a really bad day and decided to have a drink.”

Carr denied drink driving and said: “I shouldn’t have drunk. There was no fuel in the car. It wasn’t going anywhere.”

The mum of three said she couldn’t recall swearing at the officer and said: “That’s not me.”

When told she faced losing her licence, because she had refused the breath test, she said: “If I had known that I would have said “Yes, breathalyse me.””

Sarah Neale, mitigating, said Carr has two sons, aged 17 and 18, who both suffer from autism. One attends a college in Eckington and the loss of her licence would impact on his education, she said.

“Had she been more aware of the circumstances, I suspect the outcome of this would have been very different,” said Ms Neale.

Carr, who has no previous convictions, was disqualified for 12 months.

She was offered a rehabilitation course which will reduce the ban by 91 days.

She was also fined £120 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.