Bouncer threatens to blow up house

Nottingham Magistrates' Court
Nottingham Magistrates' Court

A New Year boozer was jailed for 12 weeks after threatening to stab a gas pipe and blow up a Bulwell house on New Year’s Eve.

Tensions mounted when security man Kieran Johnstone visited his partner’s home and downed a one litre bottle of vodka, magistrates in Nottingham heard, last Friday.

He had also provided 30 bottles of beer which had been drunk by other people at the address.

Police were alerted at 3.30am on 1st January with a call saying Johnstone was holding a knife in the kitchen, said Alex Wolfson, prosecuting.

“The defendant was standing in the kitchen, holding a pair of scissors and screaming at a woman at the side of him. When he saw the officers, he began screaming out ‘get away from the house. If a copper comes through the door, he will get this through the chest.’

“He was pointing a pair of scissors at the officers and his partner was telling him to stop. He said ‘if they come in, I will blow the house up and stab the gas pipe,’” Mr Wolfson told the court.

When Johnstone sobered up, he told police “he had a lot to drink and was being stupid.” He could not remember the incident.

Johnstone (24), of Valley Road, Basford admitted disorderly behaviour causing harassment or alarm on 1st January. He had several previous convictions.

Nick Walsh, mitigating, said the officers did not enter the house and were not directly threatened.

When the incident was over, Johnstone came out with his hands up and palms open, showing he was not carrying a weapon. Mr Walsh said problems began because Johnstone had been threatened by two relatives of his partner.

“He didn’t deal with the threats well and lost control. That is the situation the police came upon,” said Mr Walsh. Johnstone worked as a security man earning £290 weekly, the court heard, and feared prison would cost him the job.

Johnstone was ordered to pay an £80 government surcharge. As he was led from the dock, he said: “I am going to jail, you are not getting any. Good luck.”