Boy racers put on ice for Xmas antics

Police at Piggins Croft Car Park
Police at Piggins Croft Car Park

Four boy racers who turned a Hucknall car park into a ‘skating rink for vehicles’ over Christmas have been hit by tough ‘educational’ sanctions.

Heavy snowfall on Boxing Day drew large numbers of drivers to Piggins Croft Car Park, where they gathered to make a skid-patch on the icy surface.

On Sunday 28th December police were called after residents complained about the noise and four drivers were identified on CCTV.

Sergeant Simon Scales said: “We attended but unfortunately many of them parked up or fled the scene. There were other, more powerful cars there, but unfortunately we didn’t get their numbers.

“Four young men - who has all just passed their driving tests - were identified in small cars. They were invited to Hucknall police station and served with a Section 59 Notice to control their behaviour. If they are caught again their cars could be impounded. They were all remorseful and they all had their parents with them.”

The young drivers were told about the consequences of irresponsible driving.

“You can die even with a low impact,” said Sgt Scales. “You are not in an indestructible tin can. One drifting car nearly hit a tree. They are not expert drivers.

They were given the option of attending a National Driver Alertness Course, or have the incident referred to the Crown Prosecution Service which usually results in a court summons where the driver may receive a fine and penalty points on their driving licence.

Sgt Scales added: “The whole point of this is to make them better drivers. Instead of being prosecuted they were given the option of taking the course which will cost them £166 each. Naturally if they do it again, the consequences are very clear.”

Readers in the Derbyshire Lane - Yorke Street - Watnall Road area contacted the Dispatch following last week’s story about an injunction against on ‘car-cruising’ around junction 27 of the M1.

One reader, who did not want to be named, said: “It was absolutely appalling. It goes on at one, two, three o’clock in the morning. All the residents have complained to the police, the council and our MP. We keep phoning and phoning.”

“I have got to get up for work at 4am. You can hear it over the noise of the television.”

Residents were told Ashfield District Council could not afford to put a barrier in place and police said locking the car-park is not practical because it would ‘imprison’ other vehicles.