Brave cop stops man’s suicide leap

Mark Henrys
Mark Henrys

AN HEROIC police officer who went to school in Hucknall has been awarded one of the country’s top bravery honours after saving a man in a suicide attempt.

Pc Mark Henrys (pictured) arrived in the nick of time to stop a man from hurling himself off a 175-foot viaduct with a noose around his neck in Consett, County Durham.

The drama unfolded on Saturday December 18 last year when the man climbed over a barrier in a desperate bid to jump, despite the efforts of his brother to restrain him.

But it was Pc Henrys (42), who formerly lived on St Patrick’s Road, Hucknall, who dragged the man back from the edge.

Now Pc Henrys, who lives in North Shields in the north-east and is a member of the County Durham force, is to receive a Royal Humane Society testimonial.

Pc Henrys, who went to the National Schools in Hucknall, said: “It sounds like a cliche but I did what anyone else would do.

“That viaduct is a notorious suicide-spot and I have been called there to emergencies before, some in which people have jumped and died. When I got there, the man’s girlfriend was shouting for me and his brother was trying to stop him.

“The man was climbing over the barrier when he saw me and I just grabbed him and pulled him back. I had to pin him down on the ground before colleagues came.”

Pc Henrys grew up in Rise Park and joined the police in Cheshire in 1994. He won another bravery commendation in 1997 for saving a man who had doused his home in petrol and threatened to set himself on fire.

Pc Henrys returned to Hucknall for a time in the late 1990s but transferred to County Durham in 2006. He lives with his wife, Karen, and two-year-old son, Jacob.

His late father, Dick Henrys, was a police inspector, while one of his brothers, Simon, is a Nottinghamshire Pc and his other brother, Nick, lives on Greenwood Vale, Hucknall.

Pc Mark Henrys’ proud mum, Ann, lives on Stanstead Avenue, Rise Park. (PHOTO BY: NCJ Media)