Bread sparks Twitter circus

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When Meden Vale man Craig Norwood applied for a slot on TV quiz show Pointless he had hoped to make some money but came away being known as Bread.

The 29 year-old answered to the unusual name for the entire show after mentioning it to the producer, sparking a volley of comments on Twitter.

Craig’s comical moniker, which was given to him after his brother became known as meatloaf, was trending to such a degree that even Tom Chaplin, of alternatve rock band Keane, was tweeting about it.

Said Craig: “When I put in the hashtag for the TV show I noticed people saying ‘there is a guy called Bread on Pointless. Why would you?’ It was funny.

“It was weird seeing pictures of myself all over Twitter.”

But perhaps as big a talking point was the cricket and football-mad lad’s embarrassing gaff during which he botched a question which any keen footy fan would normally find easy.

“There were five right answers I could have given straight away,” he said. “But by the time it got around to me the pressure was too much.

“And while the presenter spoke to me for a minute or two doubt started creeping in.”

Craig had wrongly replied with Frank Lampard when asked to name a footballer who had captained England more than five times.

Craig, who is a Barmy Army cricket supporters’ club member sadly did not make it through to the show’s third round but said he now felt a bit more confident and was keen to give quiz shows another go.

He said: “I always shout the answers at home and just fancied giving it a go.

“It was a really good day - the hosts come and speak to you just before they start filming.

“It is just a shame I did not win any money.”

But Twitter users clearly thought Craig was priceless with @sammorris01 tweeting: “Apparently there is someone in the world called Bread.”

While Keane’s Tom Chaplin wrote: “There’s a guy called Bread on Pointless. He’s redeemed himself by being a member of the #barmyarmy.”