Bridge lights complete safety campaign at Bestwood Village Moor Lane bridge crossing after tragic deaths

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Lighting has now been installed and switched on in the final safety call at the Moor Lane rail crossing following a number of tragic deaths.

A £1million bridge was built following a campaign by residents to allow safe passage over the rail and tram level crossing near Bestwood Village in 2013 following the death of three people.

However the bridge installation didn’t include lighting and residents called on MP Mark Spencer to take action.

Working with Network Rail, Nottinghamshire County Council has now built four lighting columns at the site of the bridge, two each side, at a cost of £15,000 which are now fully operational.

“Well done to Notts County Council who have been behind the project all the way and have worked hard to meet the safety criteria Network Rail set,” said Sherwood MP Mark Spencer.

The crossing has been plagued by tragedy prompting residents to say enough is enough.

A campaign for a bridge to be built over the Moor Lane crossing gained momentum following the death of a teenager in 2012.

Bulwell’s Lindsey Inger was just 13-years-old when she died on 28th November after being hit by a tram

Lindsey’s death followed an incident that saw Jean Hoggart, 56, and her seven-year-old grandson Mickey Dawson hit by a train at the same crossing in 2008.

“I know it will make a big difference to the community, making the bridge much more useable during the hours of darkness,” added Mr Spencer.

“Since the new pedestrian bridge went up in October 2013 I have been trying to get lighting installed so people don’t fall over in the dark when crossing and they feel safe.

“Originally I expected the lighting to be done as part of the bridge design, but as it was missing I had a word with Network Rail and Notts CountyCouncil at the opening of the bridge, and was assured this would be done soon.”

Despite assurances to Mr Spencer and the community that lighting would be on its way, eight months after the bridge had been opened, thebridge was still in darkness.

“It was a continuing concern for residents so I started a campaign of emailing both Notts County Council and Network Rail to ensure this would be done.

“I’m just sorry it’s taken so long, and so much effort, to get to this stage – but we arethere at last.”