Bring fast broadband to the villages

NOTTS County Council has launched a campaign to bring super-fast broadband services to rural areas of the county, including the Dispatch district.

The council is asking for businesses, residents, schools and parish councils across rural areas and beyond to sign up and pledge their support.

It is hoped that if they gather 5,000 signatures by October, they can collect the data and present it as an incentive to potential broadband providers and persuade them to start work in updating the service in Nottinghamshire.

The council hopes to tap into a cash pot of £530 million made available by the Government through a team called Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) to develop broadband projects.

Last year BDUK announced that £4.25 million would be allocated to Nottinghamshire for faster broadband in rural areas if a local broadband plan was drawn up.

With a definite digital divide between those places which have and those which have not it could be the difference between a competitive market place for businesses or simply making life easier for residents and casual users.

“Faster speeds will help improve the quality of life and leisure prospects for Nottinghamshire families and will open new opportunities through online learning and faster access to information and services,” said leader of the county council, Coun Kay Cutts (Con).

“It will provide a huge boost for businesses and the Nottinghamshire economy. Nottinghamshire firms will be able to find and establish new markets — locally, internationally, and globally — to increase their competitiveness and create new jobs.”

Coun Cutts added: “The county council itself does not stand to benefit financially from this plan or the funding it attracts.

“Most people believe that over and above the benefit to individual consumers and businesses, there will be an economic and social value to Nottinghamshire from investment in a new superfast broadband network.”

Help make the difference and pledge your support by visiting