Brothers in court for drug-dealing

James Pedley
James Pedley

TWO Hucknall brothers have been hauled before the courts for dealing in drugs — and one has been caged for three-and-a-half years

James Pedley (26), who lived at the family home on Knightsbridge Gardens, was imprisoned after admitting three offences, one of which was possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

His younger brother, Jake Pedley (18), of the same address, was spared jail. Instead he was given a suspended sentence of one year. He admitted two offences, including possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that police officers caught the brothers in a car near the McDonald’s restaurant on Mansfield Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield, on Sunday December 12. There were reports of a strong smell of cannabis.

During an initial search of the car, officers discovered a “large sum of money”, as well as mobile phones, scales, which were in the glovebox, and a CS gas canister, which is an illegal weapon, said Paul Stimson (prosecuting). There was also a brown substance that was identified as a ‘cutting’ agent.

The older man said to his brother: “Pass the bag of weed”.

A more thorough search of the vehicle revealed cocaine in the centre console. Further drugs were found in a search of their home, the court was told.

Also found was a dealer’s list, which detailed £6,500 owed by customers, said Mr Stimson. Messages had been left on the men’s mobile-phones.

The overall value of the cannabis found was £720 and the cocaine £600.

As well as pleading guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply, James Pedley admitted possession of two CS gas canisters — another was found at his home — and possession of cannabis.

Jake Pedley also admitted possession of cocaine and as well as the suspended sentence, he was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work in the community.

In mitigation, it was said James Pedley was in considerable debt with rent and bills after the end of a four-year relationship.

But the court was told he had not been living a lavish lifestyle. He was hard-working and living with his mother,

It was said that his younger brother was dealing to a small group of friends to fund his own cannabis habit.

In mitigation, it was said that James Pedley, in his own words, had admitted to being “stupid and an idiot”.

The Recorder of Nottingham, Judge Michael Stokes, said James was running a “little business”.

The Judge added that James Pedley was dealing larger amounts than low-level dealers but had no previous convictions for drug offences.