Bullied truant (14) in car-smash spree

scales of justice
scales of justice

A BULLIED boy has landed his parents with a £2,500 compensation bill — after he went on a car-vandalism spree while playing truant from school.

The 14-year-old, who lives in Bulwell, cannot be named for legal reasons.

But Nottingham Youth Court heard that he launched an attack on vehicles at the Phoenix park-and-ride site on the fringes of the Dispatch district, at Millennium Way in Cinderhill, which serves the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) trams.

The boy hid in long grass and pelted cars with stones. He said he went on the rampage because he was bored.

Anti-crime CCTV cameras captured the attack and the footage shows the boy laughing.

But his parents have now been left with a scowl on their faces after the Bench ordered that they must pay the bill for the damage caused by their son to the vehicles.

The chairman of the magistrates, John Bradbury, told the boy: “Unfortunately, we have to put a compensation order against your parents of £500 for each of the vehicles.

“Now they are having to pay for what you have done.”

The court heard that the 14-year-old had been doing well at his school, which was also not named in court. But he started playing truant because he became a target of bullies.

Police officers investigating the criminal-damage case at the park-and-ride were able to trace him by visiting his school and finding out who was missing from class during the time of the vandalism.

Among the cars damaged were a Mercedes E-class and an Audi A4.

The boy admitted the offences and told the court he had been stupid.

He made a pledge to his parents by saying he would make things up to them “by being how I was before and by paying them back when I am older”.

The teenager’s mum and dad, who were with him in court, admitted they were shocked by his behaviour.

His mum said: “Obviously we are devastated.”

His dad added: “This has highlighted some issues we have in our family unit. We are attending counselling with him.”

The couple have been ordered to pay off the compensation bill at £150 a month.

The boy was also given a six-month referral order for criminal damage and will have to write letters of apology to each of his victims.

As an added punishment, his parents have banned him from playing computer games and have slashed his pocket money.