Bulwell Academy students celebrate success

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Students at the Bulwell Academy have been Celebrating Success.

More than 200 guests, including Jan Hodges, CEO of Edge, the Academy’s sponsors, gathered to watch as a number of pupils were honoured for their work.

Jessica Mitchell received the PE Ashton Hazell award as she has been involved in the setting up and running of various tournaments both in and out of school for which she has received awards.

Courtney Billings-Hughes winner of The Edge Foundation for Excellence Award, Year 11 Humanities Prize and the Bulwell Academy’s Employment Intelligence Gold Standard.

Benjamin Bambo gained the Young Citizen of the Year award for his outstanding citizenship, Jahanzaib Zafar has achieved this Achievement Against Adversity Award as a result of dedication and outstanding work ethic, Adam Manneh achieved the Academy’s highest standard for Employment Intelligence, and Gemma Francis won the Year 11 Award for PE.