Bulwell businessman pledges to resolve street parking issues

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A Bulwell business owner has said issues raised by neighbours over parking problems and a property eye-sore will soon be solved.

Neighbours on the busy Hucknall Lane have complained to managers at the Leivers and Millership business based opposite their homes about staff parking outside their properties and the state of the derelict pub.

Mandy and Ryan Shore say their patience is running out.

“They use the street like a staff car park,” said a disgruntled Mr Shore. “The problem started when they extended the business and opened an autoshop at the site.

“There are cars constantly parked along this stretch and they block the bus stop, our driveways and make it very dangerous to reverse out of our drives.

“It’s ridiculous as they are just not giving us any consideration.”

The couple have lived at their property for 15 years and said they never used to have any problems.

“The business was much smaller originally and there was a furniture shop next door but when they moved out and the garage was extended the problems began” added Mr Shore.

“At peak times we can be waiting 15 minutes just to get off our drive.”

Leivers and Millership also own the derelict Swinger pub on the site which was struck by fire over a year ago.

“The pub is an eyesore and the whole view from our window is unsightly,” added Mrs Shore.

Another resident, Rene Pinnock, is also unhappy about the situation. She recently suffered a heart attack and the ambulance could not park outside her home.

“It’s terrible,” said the 90 year-old. “And very often my district nurse has to park on the street around the corner as she can never get a space.

“And my visitors have the same problem.”

But director Alex Leivers says it is just a matter of time before it is sorted.

“I’m just waiting for the go-ahead to demolish the pub,” said Mr Leivers who bought the property over a year ago to enable him to extend the business.

“Once the pub has been demolished and the site cleared it will free up more space for the business and for parking.

“I have applied for permission from the council and I am waiting for surveys for any potential asbestos to be sorted before I can get started.

“But I have a demolition crew on stand-by and it should only be a matter of weeks.

“I want the pub down as much as the neighbours do.”

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said that unless parking is illegal it can not be enforced.