Bulwell children rise to the attendance challenge

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Bulwell Academy has hosted a special celebration of achievement event for its Family of Primary Schools, with parents and grandparents sharing the joy of the occasion.

Pupils representing Bulwell St Mary’s, Snape Wood, Springfield, Cantrell, Rufford and Crabtree schools, together with Bulwell Academy Year 7 pupils took part in a a Rise and Shine Attendance Challenge, sponsored by Tesco.

Event organisers Linda Abbott (Manager of the Bulwell Education Action Partnership)and colleagues Debbie Folkes and Emma Raynor, extended a warm welcome to the successful pupils who took part in the challenge, attending on time and promptly for a week.

Setting the standards as the Rise and Shine overall winner was Crabtree Primary’s Nevaeh Njambi who was rewarded with a £50 Tesco voucher.

Tesco representatives Chris Tilley, the store’s Community Champion, and Personnel Manager Rachel Hough offered their congratulations to eight other attendance winners who were present, and each received £25 Tesco vouchers.

The eight pupils attending were Charlie Naylor (Bulwell St Mary’s), Lucas Adams and Rebecca Boyington (Snape Wood), Kelan Lovelace-Mulholland (Springfield), Georgia Huckerby and Mayaz Karim (Cantrell) and Nehmiah Browne and Aaliyaha Trinn (Bulwell Academy).

Four other pupils Wiktoria Skonieczna (Bulwell St.Mary’s), George Howitt (Springfield), River Baker and Aimee Smith (Rufford), who were otherwise engaged, each received £25 Tesco vouchers.

Springfield Primary pupil Ella Hartley-Paling, another Rise and Shine achiever earned £10 from her school funds which were spent on books.

Topping the list of the attendance table during the Rise and Shine challenge week was Bulwell St Mary’s with a creditable 80 per cent turnout, Crabtree 75 per cent and Snape Wood 72 per cent,taking second and third places.

Schools Attendance Officer Emma Raynor praised the successful pupils and extended her thanks to Tesco for supporting the attendance initiative.

Mrs Raynor told the Dispatch: “The Rise and Shine Challenge serves as an incentive to the youngsters and has made an impact since it was set up.”