Bulwell councillor joins crackdown on dog-fouling

AN ACTIVE Bulwell councillor was joined by his own pet dogs as he took part in an undercover crackdown on the scourge of dog-fouling.

Coun Nick McDonald (Lab), of Nottingham City Council, together with his pets, Molly and Fraser, joined community protection officers (CPOs) to track down those who fail to clean up after their dogs.

The team, who wore plain clothes, targeted Southglade Park in Bestwood on the outskirts of the Dispatch district and were on patrol from 6.30 am.

The operation went on all day but in the one hour Coun McDonald was there, they fined one person for littering and another for not cleaning up dog dirt.

Coun McDonald said: “Dog mess is a big problem for local people. It is raised at community meetings all the time and therefore, it’s a priority for this area.

“We asked local students at Top Valley School to vote for the issue they wanted to spend £200 on during Local Democracy Week, and they chose dog fouling.

“So when I got the opportunity to see first hand how our CPOs are working undercover to catch those who don’t clean up the mess, I leapt at the chance.

“We’re working hard to fine people who don’t pick up their pets’ dog mess. I hope that sends a message to the small minority who break the law. This community will not allow them to continue to mess up our streets and parks.”

Coun McDonald added: “I’m not sure my dogs will make great detectives though. Molly spent most of the time dashing around the park and Fraser was more interested in chasing the pigeons!”

Tackling dog mess remains a top priority for residents in Bulwell and the rest of the city. In a survey by the city council, 42% of those who took part placed it as their number one concern.

Anyone caught failing to clean up after their pet can face a £50 on-the-spot fine issued by CPOs. If the case ends up before a court, the punishment could increase to a fine of up to £1,000.

City council cleansing teams remove dog mess as part of their day-to-day duties. They also use high-tech equipment, including an adapted motorbike, known as a ‘poover’, which sucks up the dog dirt.

Hundreds of dog bins are located at hotspots, while an ongoing education campaign includes working with schools.

OUR PHOTO shows Coun McDonald with CPOs and his dogs at Southglade Park.