BULWELL: ‘Desperate’ man sent begging texts to his ex-partner

Nottingham Magistrates' Court
Nottingham Magistrates' Court

When a ‘desperate’ Bulwell man sent text message to his former partner, begging to see their son, he was arrested, charged and hauled before the courts.

For Julian Griffiths (48), of Highbury Road, had breached an order forbidding him from harassing, threatening or even contacting the woman.

Griffiths pleaded guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court to sending four texts to the woman between Sunday 18th May and Sunday 10th August.

Lee Shepherd (prosecuting) said she had left Griffiths after suffering ‘years of domestic abuse’, and moved to a refuge.

“Griffiths arranged to visit their son, which she was happy with initially,” said Mr Shepherd.

“But he gradually became more like his old self, shouting and swearing at her in front of the child.”

As a result, the woman was granted the court order in February and moved out of the area.

Three months later, she started to receive the text messages from Griffiths, who said it was ‘breaking his heart’ not being able to see his son.

“The last message, which said he was to step up his search for him, left her frightened, so she reported him to the police,” said Mr Shepherd.

“In 1998, Griffiths was sent to prison for seven years for manslaughter, and this was on her mind. He also has previous convictions for violence.”

Emma Wyborn (defending) described Griffiths as “a desperate man who just wanted to see his son”.

“He got a court order, giving him access, and it was going well until, all of a sudden, things turned sour,” said Mrs Wyborn.

“He sent a handful of text messages, which were not threatening or malicious.”

After reading a probation report on Griffiths, the magistrates sentenced him to a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered him to pay court costs of £85.

However, they refused a request by Miss Mullins to impose a restraining order on him. The chairman of the Bench said: “We accept this offence was borne out of frustration.”