Bulwell Forest plan for spring activities

BULWELL Forest Action Group have a number of activities planned for the spring season.

Now the weather has finally decided to get more spring-like, the group has put together a number of events to encourage residents to get out and about.

“Being active and outgoing can extend your life as well as improve its quality,” said Bill Blackamore of Bulwell Action Group. “Get up and get out and get involved in living.

“Whatever your age, stop being a spectator and become a player in the game of life.

“Get active and meet new friends have some fun and live. You will not regret it.”

Have-a-go-bowls is held every Monday, Friday and Sunday from 10am-12 at Bulwell Forest Bowls Club. Cost is £1.

The Bulwell Forest Garden is open to the community on Saturday and Sundays from 2-6pm and Wednesdays. It is sited behind Cantrell Primary School.

The Health Walking Group meet every Monday at 10am from the number 17 bus stop at the junction of Cantrell Road and St Albans Road.

And the Health Fitness Group meet every Wednesday from 10-11am at Henry Mellish Sports Centre. Cost £1.