Bulwell group set to disband and reform

Bulwell’s Rufford Tenants and Residents Association has come to the end of the road in its present form.

A decision was made this week to disband the once-thriving group, which operated under the auspices of Nottingham City Homes.

Instead, the association is to be reformed as an independent body which will no longer receive funding from City Homes and have a new constitution.

The change has been made necessary because no-one came forward to take the positions of chairman and secretary.

Under the City Homes constitution, the positions had to be filled by people living within the area which the association served but this rule will not apply to the new group.

The association was formed 11 years ago and it has achieved much success in fighting for improvements in the local community.

It covered 480 homes in an area which included Rock Street and Hoewood Road.

At a meeting this week, one resident said: “I think the new group should extend this area because it may be a way of getting more young people involved.”

Much will depend on whether the new group can meet in the Duchess Gardens community room, which has been the association’s regular meeting venue.

A meeting to dissolve the association and discuss the way forward, including a search for new sources of funding, is to be held on Wednesday 20th August at 7pm.

This will be followed by an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 10th Septemer, also at 7pm, to launch the new group.