Bulwell Hall Park’s mystery pollution

Bulwell Hall Park
Bulwell Hall Park

Fears for the safety of wildlife in Bulwell Hall Park have been raised again, after mysterious blue pollution spread into the fishing lakes.

Reader Tony Summers traced the discoloured water along the streams that feed into the two lakes back up through the woods and right up to where the water comes out of a pipe from under the Rolls-Royce airfield.

Bulwell Hall Park

Bulwell Hall Park

The blue colour comes less than a month after reports of a grey discolouration baffled Environment Agency (EA) experts.

Mr Summers said: “In the first lake I saw people fishing and catching live fish and in the second lake I saw a coot swimming across. Obviously it is a totally different colour from the alleged titanium.”

Reports of dead ducks floating on the surface of the lake could not be confirmed.

An EA spokesman said: “We will continue to investigate the reports of discoloured water and attempt to trace the source.

“Investigations have been hindered by the sporadic nature of the pollution and with no reports or issues identified in the last couple of weeks and with no local businesses reporting issues of leaks or spills, we are still to determine the cause.

“Our tests so far have shown that the original pollutant whilst highly visible would not have any lasting effects on the environment and would not threaten human health as it contained a substance that is often found in toothpaste and other general products.

“Whilst we do not welcome a new report of pollution, it does provide a new opportunity to identify and finally resolve this issue.”