Bulwell Hall residents complain over E.On house improvement scheme

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Residents in Bulwell are up in arms over ‘shoddy workmanship’ carried out on their homes as part of an ‘improvement’ scheme.

The home-owners and council tenants on Hucknall Lane have had the exterior of their homes transformed as part of an energy-saving grant scheme led by E.On in conjunction with Nottingham City Homes.

Residents claim the countless issues they have raised with E.On are falling on deaf ears. And months after the workers have moved on to phase two, they are still waiting for things to be put right.

“The cosmetic finish is just terrible,” said Tracey Harvey. “It’s just really shoddy as nothing has been finished off properly or cleaned up correctly after completion.”

Mrs Harvey has had plastic windowsills fitted which are already coming away and she also has damp inside her hallway where water has got behind the insulation during installation.

“It’s just lots of little things that need putting right that I am still waiting on,” added Mrs Harvey. “We just feel forgotten about.”

Mrs Harvey is a council tenant but the scheme has been offered to private home-owners and housing association residents free of charge.

“We were offered it as a way of reducing our energy bills and to make the properties more attractive,” added Mrs Harvey. “We haven’t seen the benefits on our fuel bills yet but it does look better - if they can just sort out the finishing touches.”

Michael Wood lives a few doors away and still has scaffolding up at his property where work began last November.He has a catalogue of problems at his private property which range from a cigarette burn on his conservatory roof discarded by a worker and his downstairs windows won’t open.“I’ve really tried to be patient but I’ve got to the stage where I’m really fed up,” said Michael. “I feel bad about whinging because it’s been done free but things are just not right and I’m fed up.”

A spokesman from Nottingham City Homes said: “We hold regular meetings with residents and have been made aware of a few issues. We are working with the contractors and E.On to resolve these.

“If people have specific issues, they should contact us on 0300 333 8100 .”

A spokesman for E.On added: “We will investigate any issues residents raise with us fully. We would always urge anyone with concerns to contact us so that we can work with our contractors to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken.”