Bulwell is 13th in lone parent report

.Bulwell Riverside joint services centre
.Bulwell Riverside joint services centre

Education and early intervention is key to helping prevent any issues surrounding lone parent families.

That’s the view of Bulwell MP Graham Allen this week following a national report into lone parents.

The Centre for Social Studies, a national think tank, has published a report into lone parents.

It says that around one million children grow up with no contact with their father.

It also suggests that “man deserts” have been created where there are no male role models for youngsters.

The report says that in Bulwell, 58 per cent of households are led bya single mother.

Mr Allen said: “I think there is a lot of negativity with regards to single mums but the majority do a stunning job, often in difficult circumstances.

“The issues are about education. People have a choice to make about relationships and making effective relationships.”

The Centre for Social Justice report says that father absence is linked to higher rates of teenage crime, pregnancy and disadvantage.

But Pat Fielding, joint head teacher at Cantrell Primary and Nursery, on Cantrell Road, Bulwell, said: “We have a number of children brought up by single parents.

“We find that if they need support, they will find it in school or in the community.

“They are very smart and we have not seen any issues because they are single parents.”