Bulwell is city’s arson hotspot


Bulwell has been named as the worst arson hotspot in Nottingham, with 95 deliberate fires from August 2014 to August 2015, while Bestwood came second with 81 and Bulwell Forest totalled 50 incidents.

There were 1,745 incidents of arson between June 2014 and June 2015, compared to 1,662 in the previous year, a five per cent increase according to figures by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The number of incidents in Nottinghamshire equates to more than four a day, or one around every five hours.

Station Manager Andy Turner, head of the NFRS Community Safety South and City team, said: “While something like a bin or grass fire might only seem small it can still tie up our resources unnecessarily.

“So if, for example, we send out one fire engine to deal with a deliberately set fire – that is five firefighters who are then unable to deal with another potentially more serious incident, like a house fire or a road traffic collision.

“As a Service we actively work throughout the year to try and reduce the number of deliberately set fires across Nottinghamshire and we are keen to get the message across to people that setting fires on purpose is not just a crime, but it can also potentially both damage property and injure people.

“Education is one of our most important tools when it comes to tackling deliberate fire setting, and we regularly try to get out to schools, community centres and local groups to try and get these points across.

“There are some areas that see more deliberate fires than others and if we do notice a spike in a certain area then we do act. If we find out someone in a certain school was responsible for lighting a fire on purpose, for example, then we will target that school and work with that school to try and prevent further similar incidents happening again in future.

“We investigate all fires, whether it be a bin, a skip, a haystack or a building. While preventing these incidents occurring in the first place is our main aim, we do work very closely with the police to prosecute people who do go out and start fires deliberately.”

The Bulwell figure compares with 24 in St Ann’s, 27 in Bilborough, 42 in Basford, 43 in Arboretum and 17 in Dunkirk and Lenton.