Bulwell Jubilee beacon to sit in giant basket

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A GIANT medieval-style basket, weighing in at three-quarters of a ton, has been installed in Bulwell to hold a beacon that will be lit to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Several baskets have been manufactured at New College Nottingham’s (ncn) welding workshop at its Basford Hall campus, and one has been installed at the Bulwell Bogs recreation ground.

Sixty young people from ncn’s pre-apprenticeship engineering programme were involved.

The beacon, which will stand five metres tall, will be lit at 9.40 pm on Bank Holiday Monday as part of a chain of beacons across the country to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

Steven Thompson, from ncn’s construction academy, said: “The baskets are made of galvanised steel. Imagine a giant version of the steel wastepaper baskets you used to see in schools and offices, mounted on a column.”

The lighting of the beacon will be preceded by a barbecue for invited community champions from Bulwell.

OUR PHOTO shows members of the Friends Of Bulwell Bogs group welcoming the giant basket. They are (from left) Daisy Woods, the Rev Andy Morris, Ros Yousouf, Barbara Wakefield and Jackie Morris — DISPIC NHUD12-1344-1.