Bulwell man tells all about Angell’s Millions

When John Angell died in 1784, he left a will so detailed and complex that even to this day it has never been administered and it is now estimated to be worth £600m.

The vast majority of the wealth is said to be ‘hidden’ on land, property and assets in the Angel Town, Stockwell and Crowhurst areas of London and it is known quite simply as Angell Millions.

Bulwell man Charles Towlson, whose ancestors had always claimed an interest in Angell Millions, has researched the story for more than 30 years.

He will exhibit his findings in an exhibition at the McGuiness Centre, Brooklyn Road, Bulwell, on Sunday 1st June from 2pm to 4pm. Admission is £1, including light refreshments.

The exhibition will follow the story from its early beginnings, beginning in Old Basford in 1812, right through to modern times.

It touches on piracy, convict ships, the Australian gold rush, clandestine meetings and shipwrecks. It also encompasses long-drawn-out legal battles and more than 2,000 claimants worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Texas.

Charles says: “I do not have a claim on the fortune at the moment but I am considering my next move.”