Bulwell MP Graham Allen reaffirms support for fox hunt ban

Bulwell MP Graham Allen says the hunting ban should remain.
Bulwell MP Graham Allen says the hunting ban should remain.

Bulwell MP Graham Allen has reiterated his opposition to hunting with dogs.

Mr Allen made his comments in the wake of other political parties suggesting they would seek to repeal the Hunting Act, which has now been in place for 10 years.

He said: “The Hunting Act came into force 10 years ago and pro hunting groups have taken this chance to put the issue back onto the political agenda, despite their still being huge public opposition to fox hunting.

“There was over 700 hours of Parliamentary debates on fox hunting but a ban was finally passed in 2004.

“The Hunting Act is one of our proudest achievements while we were in Government; if the Tories repeal the act it would be a massive step backwards.

“The public are still massively against hunting and can’t understand why the Conservatives want to bring this cruel sport back, which kills innocent animals for pleasure.”

And he added: “This shows how out of touch the Conservatives are with the day to day lives of ordinary people. We fought long and hard to ban hunting and I will continue to fight against the cruel nature of fox hunting”.

It was reported in December that should the Conservatives retain power after this May’s general election, they would seek to repeal the ban.

While some would say that the Act has effectively stopped foxhunting as a sport, some countryside campaigners say it has had a disastrous effect on livestock on farms.