Bulwell Police in crackdown

POLICE will crack down on people who smoke cannabis and indulge in anti-social behaviour near the shops off Rufford Walk in Bulwell.

This was stressed by Police Community Support Officer Jason Sargeant at a meeting of Rufford Tenants and Residents Association held last week at Duchess Gardens.

He said: “We will patrol the area and anybody found committing such offences will be suitably dealt with.”

The meeting heard that groups of people had been congregating under the pedestrian subway near the shops and ‘making a general nuisance of themselves’.

PCSO Sargeant said a couple of drug warrants were put into effect in the area during a Day of Action held during the week starting 18th March.

Two people were arrested and one was currently on bail, he added.

Thirty fixed-penalty tickets were issued for motoring offences during the Day of Action, said PCSO Sergeant.

Complaints were also made about speeding on Hoewood Road and Rock Street, Bulwell.

Group member Ros Yousouf claimed that the problem was now ‘beyond a joke’.

PCSO Sergeant said that crime figures showed a drop in criminal damage and burglaries.