Bulwell pupils become Pirates of the Currybean

Stagestruck pupils at Bulwell’s Our Lady’s Academy in Piccadilly have served up a swashbuckling treat for audiences with a fun-packed production of Pirates of the Currybean before they broke-up.

A tongue-in-cheek take on the Johnny Depp movie Pirates of the Caribbean,Our Lady’s offering,directed by teacher Emma Braisby,was noteable for the performances of its principal players and an enthusiastic supporting cast.

Liam O’Donnell in fine form as Captain Redbeard,Zac Towlson in the role of Admiral Horatio Hornhonker,Lindani Mremi as Captain Cod,and Aleena Kingsley,Thomas Dyer,and Charlie Herring as members of the Periwinkle family,provided the ingredients for the show’s success.

The laugh a minute tale tells of the discovery of a treasure map which leads the captains of two rival ships to the paradise island of Lumbago where fame and fortune awaits.But the inevitable twists and turns of a colourful plot leads to an unlikely ending.

Fine individual performances,colourful costumes and a tuneful score which includes the songs Go For Gold,Piratical Style and Lubago Lullaby and excellent solo singing by Lindani Mremi and Aleena Kingsley in the Anchors Away and Starry Sky numbers deserves special mention.